Unprecedented numbers of cyclists log on to fillthathole.org.uk

Pot hole reports hit ‘record numbers’, says CTC

The CTC’s pothole reporting site www.fillthathole.org.uk has seen record numbers of user log on and note new potholes this month. 

Freezing conditions have contributed to the unprecedented number of hazardous holes appearing on Britain’s roads, caused by the freeze-thaw process.

The CTC reports that February and March usually see the largest numbers of new pot holes and that authorities need to take action quickly to cope with what is expected to be a much higher than usual number over the winter.

CTC Chief Executive Kevin Mayne said: “I am sure that all cyclists are seeing what I see on my daily commute: a huge increase in the size and number of potholes.

"Our site www.fillthathole.org.uk has received a record number of hazard reports this January – the highest monthly total we’ve ever seen. Reporting hazards on our site is an easy way to make sure councils know where they are so they can get them fixed.”

Potholes and hazards reported on fillthathole.org.uk are passed on to relevant local highway authorities, which have a duty to the public to ensure that roads are correctly maintained. If a logged pothole or hazard is then found to be involved in an accident, it is possible to show that a council knew about it.

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