Pivot introduces new Shadowcat trail bike

Pivot has introduced the new Shadowcat, a “blazing fast, hyper-capable trail bike that pegs the fun-meter for riders of every stripe”.

The brand’s latest trail bike is designed from the ground up to deliver maximum confidence and fun per pedal stroke. It carries forward the heritage of the Mach 5.5, with a new feather-weight chassis, combining progressive geometry and incredible suspension. “The result is a bike that twists the fun dial all the way to the loudest setting and breaks it off,” said Pivot.

“Our goal with the Shadowcat was to build the best bike for having fun,” said Chris Cocalis, founder and CEO of Pivot. “The combination of ultra-lightweight, suspension tuning and geometry results in a bike that has an incredibly poppy and fast feeling. 

“From the beginning, the goal was to build a very nimble, ultralight trail bike. The Shadowcat is a super-capable rocket ship that just puts a huge smile on your face wherever you ride it.”

The Shadowcat utilises Pivot’s Hollow Core carbon construction, allowing for a 140mm of travel weighing less than the Trail 429 and just a few grams more than the Mach 4 SL.

The frame is complemented with dw-link suspension tailored to deliver “snappy acceleration and super effective transfer of energy”. “Poppy, playful, and fun to ride everywhere, the Shadowcat carries enough travel and geometry to still rail big lines in sketchy terrain with confidence and control,” said Pivot.

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The new Shadowcat will be available in two colours, Danger Fruit and Blue Mirage. UK distributor Upgrade will only be offering the one build kit spec but with a choice of a carbon wheel upgrade. Email info@upgradebikes.co.uk for any enquiries.

Shadowcat Pro XT/XTR w/ Carbon Wheel Upgrade UK SRP: £ 8,850
Shadowcat Pro XT/XTR UK SRP: £ 7,500

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