Renowned cycling commentator angered by slimmed track schedule making way for new cycling events

Phil Liggett: ‘Mountain Biking and BMX have no place in Olympics’

Cycling commentator Phil Liggett has criticised olympic organisers and the UCI saying ‘Mountain biking and BMX have no place in the Olympics’.

Already many are questioning the cycling commentator’s stance, who has since making the comments told his near 95,000 Twitter followers that, although he has "nothing against MTB or BMX", "(Olympics founder) Pierre de Coubertin would have laughed his head off if he found out it (MTB and BMX) was an Olympic discipline."

"It is absolutely disgraceful what they have done. They have devastated the track with the new events and taking out the iconic events of the Olympics," Liggett said.

"They have taken out the exciting and interesting events – the individual pursuit, the 1km time trial and the women’s 500m time trial, and put in an omnium that no one will ever understand.

"There is only one rider from each country in the omnium and they are a jack of all trades and master of none."

"Nations and riders complained, but the UCI (International Cycling Union) wanted equality. It might be exciting but we are talking the Olympic Games.

"We have never had a good mountain biking event. Thousands will watch them, but they are not Olympic gold medal events. They weren’t meant to be in the Olympic Games."

Liggett’s stance, Twitter aside, is already drawing criticism, with Australian BMX hopeful Caroline Buchanan putting the comments down to  "jealousy" of the excitment BMX racing’s inclusion has generated for the Beijing and London games.

Liggett is scheduled to commentate at the Olympics, as he did over the recent Tour de France.

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