Peter Dobbs outlines availability amid COVID-19

Peter Dobbs Design and Print Services has outlined its availability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has said it is working to guidelines as advised and is still operating. A lot of workers are remote working, some skeleton teams are in the print factories and other suppliers are abroad at differing stages of isolation.

Hence, it said it is still able to supply many of the items it normally supplies to the bike trade and retailers:

1. Gift Vouchers and Greetings Cards: various denominations and card designs to meet all requirements which can be supplied in peoples stores or through online sales

2. Bike Frame Labels: with shop name and contact details on

3. Bike Water Bottles: many types, styles, and colours

4. Carrier Bags: all types of paper, plastic (bio-degradable), cotton shoppers, jute shoppers and many other ‘Bags for Life’ – style bags, all sizes and colours supplied, holdalls and rucksacks etc

5. Bike Repair – Work Sheets and NCR Books

6. Swing Tickets/Price Cards

7. Club Savings Cards – for this coming Christmas etc

8. Customer Loyalty/Discount Cards -on laminated board or plastic cards

9. Euro-Slot Header Cards and Display Boards

10. General Stationery: business cards, leaflets, posters, stickers etc

11. Clothing: a catalogue of casual wear, workwear, staff clothing, safety wear, safety footwear, hi-viz and clothing for retail

12. Other Promotional Goods: branded key-fobs, ad-loops, reflectors, bike lights, bike ride kits, badges, mugs, pens, pencils, note pads, trophies and medals etc

Some items may not be immediately available, the company is instructing customers to place provisional orders if possible, by getting artwork signed off and then placing those orders early in a manufacturing queue.

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