People urged to consider active travel options in Greater Manchester as transport gets busier

People in Greater Manchester are being urged to cycle or walk to school, college or work if possible, as public transport use gradually increases as people start to return to education and employment.

Car journeys and active travel modes in Greater Manchester have almost returned to pre-pandemic levels, meaning a higher percentage of people are walking, cycling and using their vehicles compared to public transport. More passengers are starting to use bus, tram and rail services, particularly at peak morning and evening periods, although figures are still lower than pre-pandemic levels.

“Although still nowhere near the normal levels, the demand on our services is starting to increase and we have worked hard and introduced lots of measures to make sure the transport network is as safe, clean and reliable as possible,” said customer director Stephen Rhodes.

“We would still urge people to cycle or walk to school, college or work if you can, and if using public transport to plan ahead and try to avoid peak hours at the start and end of each day to keep the load on roads and public transport down.

“It’s also vital that those who use the transport networks remember to follow the basic rules – wash your hands, wear a face covering, use contactless payment and try to try to maintain a distance of one metre wherever possible. We know that this is not always possible, particular as the peak periods start to get busier, which is why we are working with operators to run as many services as possible and ensuring vehicles, stops and stations are cleaned regularly.

“With infection rates across Greater Manchester rising and all but essential travel advised in Oldham and Bolton, these simple measures can have a big impact – so let’s work together to stop the spread.”

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