BBC TV is currently running a series of hard-hitting, hour-long drama-documentary films (futurmentaries?) about the stark choices we have now, if we are to avoid societal breakdown by 2020. 'If...' has so far focussed on disruptions to electrical supplies, and rich vs poor city enclaves. This week it's all about US and European economies not being able to afford pensions and health care because of fast aging populations. On 7th April, the polemical programme turns to the tidal wave of blubber that could engulf the Western world if eating trends continue and sedentary lifestyles become the norm.

Parents will outlive their fat kids, argues BBC polemic

‘If…we don’t stop eating’ explores the powerful argument that today’s obesity epidemic has got nothing on the meltdown which will be caused by fatties in 2020.

If current trends continue, one Brit in every three will be obese. The NHS would collapse under the collective weight of blubber-related health problems.

Parents would routinely outlive their obese children. Children who could have been taught good eating habits, and sat on bikes, today.

In the programme, Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University, says:

"When will the people wake up and say to government: ‘Enough is enough’ This slaughter cannot go on."

The programme airs on Wednesday, 7th April at 2100 BST on BBC Two.

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