Japanese firms both manufacture lithium ion cells - could this merger see prices decline?

PanasonIc/Sanyo merger to result in cheaper e-bike batteries?

Panasonic has finally secured a majority stake in Sanyo Electric following a long and rocky road in negotiations.

The $4.6 billion investment is part of Panasonic’s ambition to become the leading provider for batteries of fuel efficient cars and offshoot business, such as the production of lithium ion batteries suited to electric bikes.

Both Panasonic and Sanyo have been long-term investors in developing battery technology and both manufacture batteries for electric bikes.

Given the scale of the merger, it has now been speculated on Bike Europe that prices of Lithium Ion cells may fall – something that would impact the cost of electric bikes greatly.

With the companies now sharing their knowledge, there’s also possiblility for the two to develop more efficient product, that will ultimately give the e-bike greater range per charge.

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