Panasonic partners with Kent International to launch new e-bikes

Panasonic has partnered with Kent International on the launch of its new e-bikes.

The Univega USA brand and the Van Dessel brand will both be powered by Panasonic batteries and motors.

The bikes include the Univega USA touring e-bike, the Van Dessel gravel e-bike and the Van Dessel mountain e-bike.

Edwin Bull, president and founder of Van Dessel, said: “Panasonic is poised to elevate the exposure and growth of e-bikes, and because of that, Van Dessel is proud to bring two new performance e-bike models to the market, especially given their century-long expertise in the bicycling industry and providing connectivity across multiple industries. 

“We are eager to watch our customers experience our new eBikes to support their lifestyles and technology-driven interests.”

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