This may be a piddling amount but Australia's National Travel Behaviour Change project is still a beacon to the world, says the Brussels-based International Association of Public Transport.

Oz government to spend $6.5m to get folks out of their cars

The UITP, a worldwide organisation that advocates sustainable mobility, has congratulated the Australian federal government on its recently-announced funding of $6.5m for the National Travel Behaviour Change project.

This project aims to reduce car use in favour of alternative transport modes – public transport, walking, cycling and ride-sharing – with the aim of reducing transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.

"UITP applauds this creative and courageous initiative to cut emissions by reducing the unnecessary use of the car in urban areas," wrote UITP Secretary General Hans Rat, in a communication to John Anderson MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport, and Dr David Kemp MP, Minister for the Environment and Heritage.

"This project will serve as a positive example for governments worldwide," said Mr Rat.

The UITP estimates that in car-dependent nations, urban journeys can cost as much as 15 percent of gross domestic product. This figure drops to 5-7 percent in cities where more than half of all journeys are made either by public transport, bicycle or on foot.

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