Oxford to distribute protection company G-Form

Oxford’s portfolio of third-party brands has recently expanded to include G-Form and its range of protective products for riders from all disciplines.

Established in Rhode Island, USA, in 2010, G-Form is an innovative protection company that designs and manufactures protective products that utilise SmartFlex proprietary technology.

G-Form’s wearable product range is split into three levels of protection, Pro-X3, Pro-Rugged and E-Line. In addition, there are thin hip protector inserts that can be worn by road/gravel riders under their shorts. All products exceed the appropriate CE standards.

Advanced materials contained within the pads also make them comfortable to wear and harden on impact. After the moment of impact, the pads return to their original state. The waterproof pads seal out water and foam-eroding perspiration, and they’re also machine washable.

Oxford’s commercial head David Jesson said: “High-level protection has been available in our industry for a while now, but not in practical terms. Every other premium protection brand uses open-cell materials which are degraded by moisture, which includes sweat and any useful washing process.

“Worn next to the skin and used in filthy conditions, protection solutions need to be something you can chuck in the wash with the rest of your kit. With G-Form’s patented closed-cell construction, this is precisely what you can do.”

G-Form is a global brand that already has a footprint in the UK. However, with major recent investment in the development of its product range, the company’s VP for international sales Scott Chesney is ready to move up several gears: “The expansion of the UK market is a primary focus for G-Form.

“We believe that partnering with Oxford Products at the same time as we are rapidly developing our product line, will give G-Form the focus and regional expertise required to become a leading brand in the protection space.”

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Oxford will exclusively offer G-Form as a profitable retail opportunity for dealers, along with bespoke display solutions. Stock will be available from the end of March and consumer advertising will begin from April 2022. For more information, visit www.oxfordproducts.com.

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