New facility will handle all the distributor's electricity needs and then some

Oxford Products goes green with rooftop solar farm

Oxford Products has boosted its green credentials with the installation of a solar farm on the roof of its whopping 100,000 sq ft distribution centre in Witney, Oxfordshire.

The firm has completed its first tranche of the solar project, with panels producing 50kw now installed, increasing to 100kw later in the new year. When completed, Oxford Products will have a 250kw facility – however it’s waiting for local infrastructure to be upgraded to handle the full 250kw before it can complete the project. 

The solar facility will provide the firm with all the electricity it needs and more besides, with the rest being fed back into the grid.

Operations manager Stefan Davies said: "Solar power is clean, renewable and cost effective. Oxford believes that the future for solar energy is bright."

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