Majority in support following consultation

Oval and Vauxhall Gyratory CS5 redesign approved

The consultation discussing revisions to Cycle Superhighway 5 has returned a positive result, with 87 per cent in favour of a redesign of the section of infrastructure between Vauxhall and Oval.

Having received 268 repsonses to the consultation, Transport for London will proceed, although with several tweaks to local parking and loading arrangements.

Subject to a final decision by TfL’s board (of which some members are not known for their pro-cycling stance…) work will now proceed from April and run into Autumn. Work on the scheme at Kennington Lane / Durham Street junction (which was included in this consultation) will start before any CS5 works.

The new proposals are:

  • Two-way cycle track replaces traffic lane or bus lane on south side of Harleyford Road, instead of north side
  • Bus stop bypass for cyclists on Harleyford Road
  • New cycle crossing at junction of Harleyford Road and Kennington Lane
  • New signalised pedestrian crossing on Durham Street
  • New pedestrian island with unsignalised crossings at junction of Durham Street and Kennington Lane and changed give-way priority

The changes are:

  • Allow Sunday parking on single red lines along Harleyford Road. Due to concerns about the potential for this measure to cause congestion on Sundays, we will be monitoring the traffic flow closely after implementation
  • Increase the time allowed for short-term parking in the bays on the west side of Durham Street from 20 to 60 minutes
  • Provide a short-term loading bay on Vauxhall Grove where it meets Harleyford Road. This would provide further loading options for local residents, particularly during daytimes when other parking restrictions apply
  • Install a bus shelter without side panels at the stop on Harleyford Road that features a cycle track bypass, with the intention of increasing visibility for cyclists and pedestrians, as well improving bus stop access and capacity
  • Adjust the bus cage (road markings) on Harleyford Road to move the southern extremity of the stop approximately 5 metres southwards
  • Provide additional zebra crossings over the cycle track on Harleyford Road adjacent to the bus stop bypass, and at Albert Embankment (subject to Department for Transport approval)
  • Extend the dropped kerb outside Harleyford Court by approximately 4 metres to improve access to the adjacent private parking bay

In other far less positive news, a female cyclist has this morning been killed by a lorry in North London. has the details.

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