Ordinary as in 'Penny Farthing'. BBC reports on a 25p postal service run from a high wheeler bike in Bude.

Ordinary postal service started in Cornwall

Penny Farthings (shouldn’t call ’em that, really) were the red Ferraris of their day, capable of high speeds on the bad roads of the 1870s and 1880s. That they can also be nippy today is being proved by Graham Eccles of Bude, Cornwall. He’s started a 25p-a-letter postal service within Bude and has been filmed speeding around town by the BBC.

Eccles said he started his ‘penny farthing post’ because the Royal Mail is putting up the price of first class stamps.
In the BBC news report, the reporter said the bike used by Eccles was "ancient". In fact, it’s a modern replica not a period machine.

Nevertheless, it’s a great story.

Thanks to VexedVeloist for the Twitter tip-off.

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