BikeBiz talks to David Jack, Moore Large's OnGuard brand manager about adding lifetime warranties, new materials and stumping thieves

Onguard: ‘tricks of the theft trade are evolving, but so are we’

Without going too deep into the doom and gloom of bike theft, let’s just say it’s still happening. A lot. Mark Sutton quizzes David Jack, OnGuard product manager at Moore Large, about the brand’s efforts to make a dent in cycle crime stats…

OnGuard has undergone some revamping work for 2014 – what’s changed?
Firstly, five of the Shackle locks now have Gold Sold Secure approval and nine of the rest of the range are currently being assessed. Secondly, you will see a whole new look. Crossbar, shackle and lock head covers sport new coatings with a bright colour scheme that sends a clear warning to thieves – OnGuard protected, time to look elsewhere. U-Locks have metal end caps and thick rubber bumpers for durability. Inside they have completely re-tooled lock internals with tighter tolerances and higher grade materials for better weather resistance and smoother operation. The new Z-Cylinder features automatic keyway covers and a stronger, torque resistant key design. They have also improved all-tube mounting brackets with an easy put button release and innovative Twist Lock System for positive engagement.

You mention lifetime warranties – what portion of the catalogue does this promise now cover?
All OnGuard products are warranted to be free from mechanical defects for the lifetime of the product when used in a normal responsible way. If a mechanical defect occurs, we will replace the product free of charge.

You must be confident in the ability of the product then – how has the durability and strength improved?
The use of new and better materials for the lock covers in conjunction with additional key hole covers have vastly improved durability. Internal lock strength improvements come from the better tolerances of materials, but nothing else has changed due to the fact OnGuard are market leaders for strength already.

You also mention new ‘technology’ – what developments have designers made to prevent impact, leverage and lock picking techniques from working?
The lock internals with new materials make them almost pick proof. OnGuard locks have superior resistance to impact and leverage and all locks have features that surpass similar locks at the same price point.

And Moore Large is now bringing in a greater volume of products – what’s new to the catalogue?
High-end Pitbull shackle locks now have mini versions, as do the mid-level Bulldog series. The Bulldog series also has extra sizes and combo packs including a 1.2m cable. Beast chains get the addition of a 16mm rod version. The Mastiff chain range and Rottweiler armoured cable range have doubled in size. Doberman and Akita cables all have additional sizes (including combination versions) and we have added 9.3m and 4.6m cables to be able to connect many bikes, or bikes and garage items together securely.

What marketing and POS support is in place for dealers who are selling the brand for the coming year?
A double-sided free standing branded display is available to OnGuard stockists and in addition to that we can tailor POS packages to the dealer’s specific requirements. To maintain customer demand and interest OnGuard adverts have been placed in the all the relevant major consumer publications and websites. We are also confident that any locks reviewed will receive great feedback. In addition to everything else we distribute 50,000 catalogues to consumers at cycling events and through our IBD network.

What tests is OnGuard putting its product portfolio through prior to sending off to Sold Secure testers?
At the R&D centre they try to replicate all the latest techniques that the thieves are using and also try to foresee what they will be trying next. With the ease of use of cordless power tools now, all OnGuard locks have to be ready to resist. Also the use of chemicals is ever changing, so tests are always on going looking at new and changing factors.

What’s the breakdown of various levels of security in this year’s catalogue?
Gold Sold Secure is the ultimate and we already have five Shackle locks covered. We expect to have other shackles and chains approved very shortly and will add more economical OnGuard locks at Silver and Bronze at the same time.

What sort of price range does the product span?
A 120cm x 12mm Akita cable retails for £13.99 and the Beast 110cm x 12mm chain with X2 Power Dual Lock is £69.99. Shackles range from the Bulldog Mini Shackle at £28, to the Brute 8000 with a 16.8mm thick bar at £52.99.

Any particular product or unique technology that you feel the dealers need to be aware of?
The entry-level locks in the OnGuard range have unique features, but the X4P Quattro Bolt Shackles and the Z-Cylinders on the cables and chains are at the forefront of technology. The Quattro Bolt mechanism secures the shackle to the crossbar in four places maximising strength to resist pulling, jacking, prying and twisting. The Z-Cylinder offers high pick protection and features BumpBlock technology rendering bump keys useless. The mechanism is encased in ultra-hardened steel to resist drilling or pulling.

Do you feel that education of how to properly secure a bike is important and how do you pass this knowledge to consumers?
It is important and that’s why the brand has very comprehensive instructions on the packaging and additional help on the website.
Advice is always available whenever we attend exhibitions or events and we have also been involved in security initiatives run by councils or authorities to try to help get cycle security awareness out to the public.

How can dealers enquire about becoming an OnGuard stockist?
You can contact the Moore Large sales team on 01332 274252, or via email at You can also contact your area manager.

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