One-man brand takes to Kickstarter to launch jacket into bike shops

Chris Taylor of cycle jeans brand Resolute Bay is hoping to expand his product offerings via crowdfunding. After the first day on Kickstarter he has raised £7,736 from 71 backers for his LS2 reflective cycle jacket. He needs to reach £30,000 in a month-long campaign.

“It’s just myself that runs the whole show,” Taylor told BikeBiz.

“The jeans are selling really well but, to grow, every time I make a bunch of profit I put it straight back into stock or a new fit and colour options.

“For the jacket I’m using a new factory but they require a minimum of 1000 units per style. Rather than getting into huge amount of debt I believe Kickstarter is the perfect way to raise funds and also test consumer demand.”

He added: “Also this jacket is the first product with an attractive enough margin for retailers. I can then use Kickstarter as proof for demand.”

Taylor’s Resolute Bay has been producing commuter clothing since 2014.

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