Lack of fresh air and busy public transport have commuters considering swapping trains, buses and tubes for e-bikes

One in three Brits would consider an e-bike over public transport

Following a survey by cycling brand Shimano in collaboration with OnePoll – 34% of Brits would choose an electric bike rather than public transport for their daily commute.

Results show that men (38%) are more eager to step on an e-bike to race to the office than women (29%). Besides being a faster journey to their destination, other reasons for using an e-bike are more hygiene related. An electric bike allows less physical effort compared to push bikes, avoiding this problem and the need to change once in the office. 

However despite the crammed public transport and high prices, commuters are still hesitant to switch to an e-bike. The main reasons include the perception that buses, tubes and trains are safer and more comfortable. To help facilitate a switch, survey respondents were clear that the best way for the government to support e-bike usage is by subsidising the purchase of e-bikes. In addition, once completed, the Cycle Superhighways will stimulate safe bike riding and test days could be organised so commuters can experience the benefits, including safety for themselves.

Electric bikes that utilise technology like Shimano STEPS use a battery pack that needs to be charged when it runs low. A majority of Brits consider urban transport locations the best locations for charging points. Retail venues come second, followed by recreational areas. 

Mark Greshon, Shimano Senior Brand Manager at Madison said: “The survey shows that Brits aged 25-34 years, who are most likely the people in the early stages of their professional career, are most in favour of e-bikes for their daily commute. This makes a lot of sense as this younger generation is open to new technology like Shimano STEPS which we’ve already seen make a real impact in other European countries already.

"We want to encourage the adoption of cycling in general and e-bikes are a viable option for many that would not have previously considered cycling. In the UK it could contribute to less crowded public transport, cost savings and an increasingly healthy lifestyle for our nation in years to come.”

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