Ofo releases new models across Oxford and Cambridge

Ofo has confirmed that it will upgrade its UK fleet with new three-speed models.

The new bikes will be released onto the streets of Oxford and Cambridge today. An initial batch of 75 new bikes in each city will add to the existing fleets of 300 in Cambridge and 200 in Oxford. An additional 50 new bikes will be launched in each city the week after.

As well as being easier to ride uphill, thanks to the three carefully chosen gear ratios, the new bikes have a hydraulically adjustable seat so customers can set the correct height with the simple squeeze of a lever. The bikes have been designed specifically for the UK market and have robust yet lightweight frames, a sturdy front basket, a dynamo front light and sustainable solar-powered rear light.

The announcement of new bikes for the fleet comes after launches for ofo in Cambridge, Oxford and Hackney.

Ofo’s UK operations director Joseph Seal-Driver commented: “We pride ourselves on having the best bikes in the UK, so I’m delighted to be unveiling our newest three-geared model. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for our riders. These bikes will make getting from A to B more comfortable and more fun, and we look forward to seeing our riders in Oxford and Cambridge testing them out.”

Ofo raised over £541 million in Series E financing round in July this year. Since its launch in 2014, ofo has become the world’s largest bike-sharing platform in regard to both size and market share. By the end of 2017, ofo plans to deploy 20 million bikes to the bike-sharing ecosystem, growing its service to reach 20 countries across the globe.

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