Official stats show that cycle use in London set to overtake car use

A Twitter user has created a startling graph showing that, on the current trajectory, cycle use in central London will soon overtake use of private motor vehicles. @lastnotlost created the graph using official figures contained in today’s release of Transport Statistics Great Britain 2017

The statistics compendium from the Department for Transport is released annually. The graph was produced with raw data contained in TSGB0106 – "People entering central London during morning peak" – and shows that since 2003 car use has been in a steep decline and cycle use has been on a corresponding growth spurt. Use of taxis and motorcycles have also reduced, but at a much slower rate.

2003 was when the congestion charge was introduced. Other factors that may have played a part in cycling’s amazing growth in London include tube strikes and fears over travelling on public transport due to terrorist bombings. The introduction of protected cycleways is only recent, and will no doubt result in future stats showing even greater cycle usage.

Except for rare exceptions – such as Edinburgh – the growth of cycling in London is not seen elsewhere in Great Britain, and cycling’s modal share remains stubbornly stuck on 2 percent.

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