A district nurse is due to meet health bosses today to see if they will allow her to keep covering her area by bicycle. The Bournemouth Teaching Primary Care Trust's director of clinical services told Nursing Times: ""The area is high risk from drug users. We are concerned that she is wandering around on a bicycle with needles and syringes in a bum bag. I have to look at the needs of the patients and staff security."

Nurse faces bike ban

District nurse Kathy Archer has been riding her bike between patient visits but was stopped when health trust bosses found out she wasn’t using a car, reports the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

Before the ban, Mrs Archer of Bournemouth was riding up to 15 miles a day, putting the bike in the boot of her car when she had to travel greater distances.

She told the Daily Echo she is keeping fit, promoting a healthy lifestyle, reducing congestion and saving the trust around £1000 a year in fuel costs.

A spokesperson for the trust said: "A risk assessment is being carried out to assess the issues that would be faced by any district nurse doing rounds on a bicycle. Such issues may include the amount of equipment that district nurses need to carry with them, as well as whether they might be working at night or in high risk areas. The health and safety of our staff is paramount at all times."

Royal College of Nursing community health adviser Lynn Young said: "It is absolute nonsense to stop her using her bike. Cycling is no more dangerous than walking around. Nurses have to get out of their cars to see patients anyway."

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