Lube will also work on kinky handcuffs. Apparently.

Now Green Oil turns to Kickstarter, for Eco Lube

There’s no shortage of cycle brands turning to Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites, from established names like Knog and Vulpine to brand new companies stepping into the market with innovative products like the ClipOn bottle or this bladder-topped saddle.

Now Green Oil has joined the crowd funding club with Slip Eco Lube, seeking £23,000 to bring its non-toxic lube to market.

Slip eco lube is a rebranded version of Green Oil’s Wet Chain Lube formula, pitched at a broader market – as a general household lubricant.

Through Kickstarter, Brixton-based Green Oil seeks to mass produce the product, using 100% recycled plastic bottles, in the UK.

Vistors to the recent Ecobuild trade show at London Excel may have spotted the product there. According to Green Oil founder Simon Nash, many visitors said they were aware of the environmental impact of petrochemical sprays and the health impact of using aerosol lubricants indoors.

Kickstarter donations are exchanged for a gift, ranging from a bottle of Slip eco lube from its first mass production run to Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe sets, organic cotton T-shirts and even a whole bike at the highest pledge level.

The 200ml bottle will go on sale for £7.99 in April/ May this year

“We want to take eco friendly lubricants beyond the bike market," said Slip director Simon Nash. "This will benefit people’s health, and the environment, protecting from PTFE and petrochemical pollution.”

Slip’s numberous applications include door hinges, garden tools, nourishing worn wood handles (from spades to knives), trolley wheels, Chubb locks, sliding lift doors, bike locks, office chairs, hinges, scooters and even to shine up sun damaged plastics. It’s also good for lubing kinky handcuffs, according to the Kickstarter video.

Over $32million has been raised for bike projects on Kickstarter alone.

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