More national money for cycling, urges Boris Johnson.

Not including cycling in manifestos would be ”suicide”, says Boris

At yesterday’s launch for Transport for London’s rejigged plans for the cycle superhighways London mayor Boris Johnson piled pressure on the main political parties to pledge more cash for cycling. He said it would be "suicide" for political parties not to include such pledges in their forthcoming election manifestos. 

Asked if the political parties should promise to boost funding for cycling, Boris replied: “Yes, absolutely. I’m sure it will be in the Conservative manifesto. Other parties can commit suicide by failing to promote cycling if they want.”

Boris can always be relied upon for quotes, especially pedal-powered ones. At the launch of the Cycle Hire bikes in 2010 he said:

“In 1904, twenty per cent of journeys were made by bicycle in London. I want to see a figure like that again.” He added “I am determined to turn London into a cyclised city – a civilised city where people can ride their bikes safely and easily in a pleasant environment.”

And, in 2007, he promised something he might not promise in quite the same way today when he said:

"I think [those who steal bicycles] deserve punishment and I’m calling for Sharia law for bicycle thieves."

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