So says, Citybug, importer of the original Micro Scooter. Press reports of trapped fingers relate to inferior imitation brands

Not all skate-scooters are equal

As predicted by BikeBiz last month, the medias love affair with the Scooter craze is coming apart. It began with pictures of celebs on scooters, now there are scare stories about kids getting their fingers trapped in scooter folding mechanisms.

But the importer of the Micro Scooter says the its product is safe. Heres a press release from Citybug passed to us by Route 47, the UK bike trade distributor of Micro Scooters.

Trading Standards Accepts The Micro is Safe

Micro, the original skate scooter and market leader, has satisfied the most

rigorous safety, entrapment and structural tests in Europe, including those conducted by the Trading Standards Authority. The Micro, which has been the top-selling brand in a host of high street retail chains, has been certified safe.

Following a product recall of inferior imitation brands, the Micro was subjected to testing by Trading Standards. The Micro passed these tests,

which confirmed CityBugs own exhaustive tests at one of the UKs leading


Micro are the UK and worlds leading brand and design of skate scooter and

originator of the much copied skate scooter concept. More than 14 million

of this design have been sold with orders in excess of 200,000 in the UK and due to the superior design of the product, there have been no reported

finger entrapment injuries anywhere in the world. It has become the generic brand for the skate scooter market and has been wrongly associated with recent finger entrapment incidents that have reportedly occurred with other brands of scooter.

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