It's no surprise that a former Tory transport minister would be against anything started by Red Ken, but Steven Norris is chair of the National Cycling Strategy Board for England and, as has been shown by stats from Transport for London and verified by IBDs, congestion charging has given cycling in London an enormous boost.

Norris confirms he’d scrap congestion charging, if made London mayor

Norris, the Conservative Party’s candidate to become London’s mayor in elections in June 2004, yesterday published his first policy paper of his campaign.

In the ‘Moving London’ report he said he would scrap congestion charging.

Instead, he’d introduce more school buses to cut down on ‘scrummies’ (school run mummies) and would charge utility companies for digging up roads.

"The Mayor’s congestion charge may have marginally cut the number of cars inside the zone but only at the expense of shops and restaurants inside the zone and those who cannot afford to pay the charge," said Norris.

In ‘Moving London’, a PDF of which is downloadable below, there’s no mention of cycling.

In fact, there’s talk of changes that would likely lead to a downturn in cycling in London. For instance, Norris would like to see traffic calming measures removed, and many bus lanes scrapped to make room for cars.

Vote Ken.…/MovingLondon.pdf

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