When Europe gets worried about floods of cheap Chinese bicycles, it slaps on punitive duties. Right now, the anti-dumping tax is 48.5 percent. However, to protect its domestic bicycle producers Nigeria has taken a more draconian step: it has banned imports altogether. But this isn't just stopping imports of gas-pipe bicycles, it's preventing Nigerian athletes from importing top-flight road bikes.

Nigeria bans importation of bicycles

And the Cycling Federation of Nigeria (CFN) is not best pleased, reports Nigeria’s The Tide newspaper.

On Monday, CFN appealed to the Nigerian Minister of Sports and Social Development, asking for exclusions for high-end sports machines.

Nigerian bicycle manufacturers – such as Henry & Henry Ltd., a sponsor of domestic cycling championships – can produce steel-framed road bikes but CFN wants the option to import higher quality, aluminium and carbon framed bicycles for its elite cyclists.

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