With an increasing number of coalition soldiers being reported 'missing in action', it's a shame pro-bike organisation Cycling Scotland isn't able to quickly re-jig its 'Missing InActive' campaign to be launched this Wednesday. UPDATE: Cycling Scotland has reacted quickly and has ditched the 'Missing inActive' slogan. A new angle will be sent to newsdesks tomorrow.

Nice idea, shame about the timing

Cycling Scotland is launching a campaign where it says "Thousands of bikes Missing inActive! Experts perplexed! The Search starts here!"

At a Wednesday photocall in Glasgow, Cycling Scotland will try to get the message across that too many bikes fester in sheds rather then see the delights of Scotland

"Find your bike and find Scotland now that Spring is here" is the campaign’s strapline.

But the ‘Missing inActive’ thrust is focussing on a negative, and, right now, could be construed as insensitive to those soldiers either killed or missing in the Second Gulf War.

[So, well done to Cycling Scotland for acting swiftly to limit the damage and switching the focus of the campaign. Mainstream newspapers and TV stations would have delighted in ripping into Cycling Scotland’s ‘Missing inActive’ campaign.]

Cyclists will be be making a formation 70% to demonstrate "just how little of our national fleet is regularly turning a wheel."

Cycling Scotland estimates that 180 000 Scottish cycles are "Missing inActive".

"Only 30 percent of the potential fleet see the outside of the national bikeshed, according to industry figures," says Cycling Scotland’s photocall announcement, basing its figures on a survey for last year’s national Bike Week which found that of the 20 million cycles in the UK, only 6 million are in active use.

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