Newton-Rider helmet set to launch on Indiegogo

The Newton-Rider helmet is set to launch on Indiegogo, claiming to be the “world’s thinnest” bicycle helmet at 16mm thin.

The small team of specialists consists of Daniel Bünger, Wil Marschall and Ulrik Jensen. “We set high goals because we like to challenge and to push boundaries,” said a statement.

“Nothing has really changed in the way bicycle helmets are manufactured over the last 10-15 years. Helmets are still a hard, polystyrene hat, that for sure makes you safe when riding but are rather bulky and uncomfortable to wear and honestly, they do not make you look a lot prettier either. We decided to try to challenge the norm with science and engineering.”

The Newton-Rider helmet is made with compounds of Visco-Elastic and Non-Newtonian materials and complies to EN 1078 and CPSC safety standards when only 16 mm thin. It is also not unsafe to continue riding with after a crash, said the company.

The helmet is also foldable, enabling it to be carried in a bag when not being used. “We also wanted to make the helmet kind of IoT ‘ish,” the statement continued. “We have embedded in the helmet a sophisticated chip, that together with our proprietary software API and if embedded in scooter apps, can make operators create incentives for riding with a helmet.

“In fact, our highly sophisticated chip and backend system essentially create an individual URL for each helmet, however, you can’t email your helmet …yet. Our idea is to provide the possibility for providers to create incentives and offers to users in specific areas if they see a fit. Our software is even planned to also handle theft and many other cool features we want to wait a bit before revealing. All in all, the Newton-Rider helmet, we believe, is in many ways what a helmet should look like and what the urban youth will expect from a modern stylish bicycle helmet of today.”

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