Last week a snapper for the Daily Mirror revealed that Tory leader David Cameron has a 'shoe chauffeur' to carry his excess baggage when he bicycles to work. The mainstream media called Cameron a 'hypocrite'. Cyclists wondered what all the fuss was about: got a load of stuff to carry to work? Use a set of panniers. And today The Daily Telegraph has a pro-cycling piece, set in a bike shop, explaining the luggage options Cameron ought to consider.

Newspaper shows Cameron how to bike to work with baggage

"The discovery last week that while [David Cameron] may arrive under his own steam, his shirt, paperwork and shoes go by chauffeur-driven car, has cast doubts over his true commitment to saving the planet," reports The Daily Telegraph in a piece headlined ‘Bags of advice as Cameron back-pedals over cycling’.

A Conservative party spokesman said that Cameron has been offered him panniers and a trailer: "He will have a look to see if they are suitable for his circumstances."

The Daily Telegraph argues Cameron should add luggage carrying options to his mountain bike and, to see what was on the market for a cycle commuter in need of porterage visited Action Bikes on the Embankment, half a mile from the House of Commons.

Store manager Terry Jones, the store manager of Action Bikes, said:

""We are the local bike shop for Westminster and get loads of MPs and civil servants coming in."

He showed the Telegraph reporter a selection of panniers, handlebar bags, rackpacks, rucksacks and briefcase holders and said for those with "serious loads", a bike trailer was an option.

"So how much can you get on a bike?" asked the newspaper.

"Mr Cameron claims that he has a heavy blue briefcase, a huge black box ‘four times as big’ for his correspondence and his clothes to take to work.

"No problem", said Terry Jones, attaching a 57-litre pannier to the side of a bike, followed by a laptop and briefcase holder, a basket for the handlebars and a box on the rack at the back.

"They’re waterproof, and have a special security system, so they cannot be snatched while the person is on the bike. I would say perfect for his job."…/ixhome.html

Want a JPG of the Labour party’s chameleon image of David Cameron (given panniers and a trailer by Go here…/resource-24-davechameleon.jpg

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