Happy New Year to everybody in the bike trade! Normal service will resume soon. Right now we're quickly sorting out our first threat of legal action of 2000 and it's only the first day back too!

New Year starts with a bang!

As a fiercely independent trade magazine, it’s not unusual to get such threats. They normally peter out because (a) lawyers are expensive and even a good case can fall flat with a duff judge (b) there are usually more adult ways of handling things and (c) we stand by our stories.

When we make a genuine mistake, this website allows us to get an apology out to the trade instantly.

As it is, the legal threat is from Peter Lumley and Kate Spencer aka BTI. It’s not the first we’ve had from that source over the years. The objection is to some text in our ad rates section on this website (see, everybody reads www.bikebiz.co.uk)! We said Pete didn’t get the trade show catalogue out until just before the show which meant nobody could use it to pre-plan their show visit. A furious Peter wants it known that the catalogue didn’t actually come out until the show itself!

Pete ‘n’ Kate wants BikeBiz to write to everybody in the trade saying amongst many other things including loads and loads of grovelling apologies – that BTI is a "high quality product."!!

If the action goes any further we’ll keep you posted.

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