New e-commerce store for cyclists to launch

A new e-commerce store for cyclists, swimmers and runners, Pro-Tri, is set to ‘help athletes reach their ultimate goal’, with experience, knowledge and a passion for sport.

“With more than ten years experience of being in control of the pedals and even competing at a national level in cycling, founder and CEO Devon Griffiths understands what it takes to become the best,” said a statement. “Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert, Pro-Tri has sourced the best products in the industry to help you reach your goals.” Griffiths has also spent time developing relationships with high performance brands within the industry.

Griffiths said: “I think it’s important that we widen the horizon for customers, most importantly putting a face to our online entity and at Pro-Tri that’s exactly what our plans are over the coming months. We want our customers to feel part of our family, we aim to build very close relationships with our brands and pass on as much of our experience as we can to our customers. We will engage our suppliers with our customers and really build on the hard work and determination the suppliers put into their products.”

Pro-Tri, an independently run company, has said it will bring the brand to the high street in a few years time.

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