New single speed bike brand Steed Bikes launches in London

Entrepreneur, designer and fitness industry professional Ian Steed has launched Steed Bikes – a collection of single speed, handcrafted bikes that are built for ‘comfort, reliability and responsive handling’.

The collection includes the Thoroughbred and the Stallion. The Thoroughbred is designed for “smooth swift and stylish travel with its high tensile diamond-shaped frame and perfectly balanced gearing”. The Stallion’s thick rims and bullhorn handlebars create a “streamlined, breath-taking ride; making you feel at one with the road and your surroundings”.

Steed Bikes come with a stitched vegan leather saddle and handgrips. They have a lifetime guarantee and are delivered in a box already 85% assembled. Final assembly is quick and straightforward, said the brand, however, if you live in London and would rather the professionals do it, they can send your bike directly to your nearest Fettle shop.

Founder Ian Steed said: “I love the simplicity of single speed bikes, often referred to as the purest form of cycling, and the effortless freedom they give. To stick two fingers up to the crowded bus or tube, jump on my bike and let my body power my journey is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

“There are lots of bikes out there, but I started Steed Bikes as that perfect bike had always eluded me. I yearned for a stylish bike that would turn heads, give a great riding experience, not fall apart after a few years and be affordable, so I set about designing my perfect bike.

“Fast forward a few years and Steed Bikes was born. These bikes really are a dream to ride and give a big tick in the head-turning department too.”

Steed Bikes has also partnered with the International Tree Foundation – for every bike you buy, a tree is planted. For more information, go to

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