There Cycling of West London specialises in fully-equipped roadsters, cargobikes and other 'normalising cycling' products.

New shop capitalises on Euro urban cycle chic

There Cycling is on Hanwell, Ealing, in West London and has been open since February. The shop is having an official ‘grand opening’ on 15th April.

Owner Jim Kent said: "We don’t stock racing bikes, mountain bikes or ‘hybrids. There’s no Lycra in store either or overtly reflective clothing. We’re more about riding a bicycle in the classic manner and we want to encourage bicycling as a stylish and elegant means of urban transport."

There Cycling stocks bikes from Pilen Cycler of Sweden; RetroVelo from Germany; Avenue from Denmark; Cooper and Pashley from the UK; Azor and Bakfiets from the Netherlands; and Taarnby childrens’ bikes from Denmark.

Accessories include products from Water off a Duck’s Back, Swrve, Anna Nichoola, and Cyclodelic; with helmets by Sawako and Hardnutz; and belts, wallets and keyrings by Velo-Re.

Kent said his shop is in tune with the global ‘cycle chic’ movement, as started in 2007 by Mikael Colville-Andersen of and

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