Jaffa Cakes that'll help you build muscle?

New products with Marwi, Tern, Beto and Powerbar

Marwi hanger catalogue
Various distributors

Marwi Europe recently introduced the first edition of its extensive gear hanger catalogue.

Over 136 pages, all available gear hangers for 140 different bike brands are listed, including 1:1 drawings. The website – Marwi-eu.com/gh – has been updated, with frame model lists for the best-selling brands.

The complete range of 128 different gear hangers is available through several wholesalers, including Raleigh, The Cycle Division, Reece Cycles, Parklife, Belvin and Coyote Sports. In Ireland, dealers should contact Centro Ltd. Each of the aforementioned distributors have hard copies now available.

Tern Cargo rack and Kori Basket
Paligap: 01454 313116

Folding-specialists Tern has added to the accessory catalogue this month with the Cargo rack and Kori basket.

The Cargo rack is the brand’s first rack approved for childseats. Built with thick gauge aluminium, the rack will hold a load up to 25kg (55lb) and is of course more than capable of hauling panniers on each side too. The deck is Klickfix compatible. The unique SideStrap anti-roll anchoring system keeps cargo secured, while internal cable routing allows a clean installation for dynamo powered rear lights.

On to the Kori basket, again built with a Klickfix attachment and compatible with all of Tern’s racks, the aluminium basket is designed to accommodate heavier loads.

Beto pumps
Bob Elliot: 01772 459887

Bob Elliot has just taken on stock of some award winning Beto pumps, most notably the incredibly strong value for money EZ-001A.

This £14.99 high pressure (120psi) alloy mini road pump boasts both a Taipei Cycle, as well as an iF design award, much thanks to its double-lock valve system that provides a strong engagement via eight external claws that lock firmly to the thread. The valve-lock mechanism of EZ head is triggered by the fixed amount of insertion force and depth of the tyre valve.

Also new in stock is Beto’s 26” steel floor pump, retailing at £34.99. Again, valve connection is designed to be easy, quick and secure. Capable of delivering up to 160psi, which the mechanic can deliver to perfection thanks to an on-board gauge, the CMP-138SGC-H1 is totally fool-proof with even maximum valve depth insertion taken into account.

Powerbar Jaffa Cake flavour
Fisher Outdoor: 01727 798345

Everyone loves a Jaffa Cake, right? Even if it doesn’t fit with the strict diets some cycling customers may set themselves.

There is, however, now a performance orientated alternative thanks to PowerBar, who have come up with a Jaffa-esque blend for its Protein Plus range. The post exercise snack has a fluffy texture and is free from collagen proteins and aspartame. Per 55-gram bar you’ll take on a 17.2 gram dose of premium whey, soy and casein protein.

Alternatively, Powerbar also makes existing Vanilla/Coconut and Chocolate bars, as well as two similar crispy bars in both Cappucino-caramel and Vanilla-caramel flavours.

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