'Big wheel version of the Sirius frame' carries same sliding dropouts and offers belt drive compatibility

New products: Pipedream’s Skookum R853 29er frame

Pipedream has today announced the availability of the new Skookum R853 29er frame – an upscale take on its award-winning Sirius.

Sharing a number of features from it’s sibling, the Skookum has sliding dropouts and a new tapered head tube. Sliding dropouts offer more than just the gears/no-gears choice – they allow the rider to change the length of the chainstays. The variable length allows the owner to hit their ‘sweet spot’ and tune the wheelbase to thier own requirements. Also tucked back there at the drive-side dropout is a coupling for a belt-drive system offering you even more choice.

The build is gusset-free thanks to the Reynolds DZB tubing, which has thicker ends, allowing a build with a stronger joint at the head tube. Pipedream told BikeBiz: "We’ve used a bigger gauge tube and DZB tubing once again to balance strength, stiffness and ‘feel’."

With many folks now realising the benefits of dropper seat posts, the firm has also specified a 30.9mm seat post diameter.

Though designed for a 80 to 100mm fork, the frame is described as having the strength to handle 120mm for those with a more aggressive style.

Cabling is routed under the bottom bracket, so that a single-speed or internal gear hub set-up gives a clean look to the frame with no redundant stops obviously visible.

Retailers interested in carrying Pipedream products can contact the label on either 07999442268, or via stuart@pipepdreamcycles.com

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