Prototype spotted in January to be slimmed down to resemble current Diablo

New Products: Exposure dynamo light in the pipeline

Though not quite in production just yet, Exposure has revealed that it has got a dynamo powered bike light in the pipeline.

Shown in prototype form at the London Bike Show at ExCeL in January, Exposure’s model will be available in three and four LED versions and will be compatible with the majority of hubs that are currently found on the market.

Exposure tells BikeBiz that the current prototype has handled a 24-hour event with ease, pumping out an impressive 650 lumens on maximum output, the same as the Maxx D on medium setting.

What’s more, once the rider has stopped pedalling, the light will continue to emit light at around 450 lumens for up to ten minutes.

The model being showcased at the London Bike Show will not resemble the production unit, which BikeBiz was told will resemble the slimmer Diablo light size and style.

We’ll bring you more on Exposure’s brand new dynamo light range as we get it.

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