Zyro supplying electric bike kit to the UK trade

NEW PRODUCT: BionX power assist kits

Bionx is now selling conversion kits to turn standard bicycles into pedelecs via Zyro.

Claimed to be the lightest regenerative retro-fit systems available in the UK, BionX’s system comprises a battery, wheel and handlebar console. All BionX systems include a 250W rear wheel motor with either an eight or nine-speed cassette.

Limited to UK 15mph speed restrictions, each kit comprises an easy-to-use digital console, which allows the rider to ride in four power assist modes (+1 to +4) or four regenerative modes (-1 to -4) when braking or riding downhill to recharge the battery.

For more on the BionX lines, contact Zyro on 01845 521700.

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