New online tool demonstrates health and financial benefits of cycling to work

Cycle Republic’s new “Cyculator” tool is offering commuters the chance to evaluate their personal financial and health gains from avoiding public transport and driving. 

The company has used Google Maps’ API to build an interface calculating the daily and annual overheads of commuter journeys.

For example, a year of commuting from Harbourne to Birmingham City Centre – exceeding the distance of the Tour de France – helps cyclists burn well over 100,000 calories, and save more than £1,000 over driving, or £700 over choosing public transport.

The findings come at a particularly slow time for UK railway. Last month, Northern Rail revised its timetable and closed 165 daily services. Meanwhile, GTR cancelled over 300 trains on 2nd July alone.

Cycle Republic MD Peter Kimberley said: “Cycling is invaluable for helping commuters get a handle on their wellbeing and reduce spending, which improves commuters’ quality of life in so many ways. 

“I think there’s never been a better time to make the change than now.”

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