New F-Podium Mondraker is now available from Silverfish UK

Mondraker’s new XC race bike, the F-Podium, is now available from Silverfish UK.

The brand set out to construct an XC race bike that was not only lightweight and XC race ready but also outrode the competition ‘in all areas’, and has spent the last three years working on the new bike.

A statement said: “Countless prototypes tested, three long years of development, two years test racing under the relentless conditions of the UCI MTB XCO World Cup, and one goal: to develop the most advanced mountain bike ever manufactured. This journey to a new standard of high-performance started in Germany where Mondraker joined forces with one of the world leaders in Automotive and Aerospace carbon technology. The intention was clear: benefit from what makes supercars and aerospace vehicles light, fast and superior and translate it into a bike like no other.

“As a result, the refined and truly unique Stealth Air Carbon structure used in the F-Podium features the latest technologies that have never been used in off-road bikes to date. Here the finest selection of carbon fibres, a revolutionary laminate design and market leading manufacturing technologies blend into one of the lightest full suspension XCO Racing frames in the market without sacrificing even one shred of strength or durability.

“Combined with Mondraker’s world-renowned technologies of Zero Suspension and Forward Geometry the F-Podium is an XCO Racing bike like no other. A bike that wins over with the complete absence of the usual compromises with exquisite handling and unbeatable downhill capability combined with a superb suppleness and overall suspension absorption the bike is without compromise.”

More details are available here.

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