Of course, the online version of B3 is always on this site for you to use but the print version is decidedly more portable. Address changes that will make it into the book (but are already on B3 online) include new details for Eddie Eccleston's Ideal Bicycle Ltd. and Nick Gritton's Pro UK Ltd.

New BikeBizBible to be published in Spring 2003

A fact-checking, ad-seeking mailer goes out after Christmas. Please check the details carefully and return the form.

The 2003 BikeBizBible will be spiral-bound and fatter than the first edition. Even though we have yet to tout for ads, companies have been booking space. For instance, there’s only one cover position left.

Tel: 0191 285 4408


Ad manager Al Reid – who was blown away by his first Pickwick Luncheon yesterday, thanks to an invite from Gordon ‘King Lud’ Fisher – is also keen to stress that companies exhibiting at the Leisure Expo/BAGB trade shows in 2003 can book their ads in the official show catalogue at a tasty, pre-Christmas price. But only if they book before December 24th.


The Pickwick Club is the world’s oldest bicycle club, founded as it was in 1870. It’s also the world’s second oldest Dickensian society. Members take sobriquets from characters in The Pickwick Papers. King Lud is described so:

"The earth shook when he walked–he was so very stout. His people basked in the light of his countenance–it was so red and glowing. He was, indeed, every inch a king. And there were a good many inches of him, too, for although he was not very tall, he was a remarkable size round, and the inches that he wanted in height, he made up in circumference."

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