Nationwide Building Society has sponsored the Bicycle Helmet Initiative trust for two years but has decided to lower its cash input immediately and withdraw its support completely by the end of the year. Nationwide has specified that its current cash input must only be used for "direct educational purposes" and not for political lobbying.

Nationwide slaps BHIT’s wrists as helmet-compulsion rage spreads

Andrew Litchfield, Nationwide’s Head of Social & Environmental Responsibility, told that Nationwide entered into its original sponsorship agreement in "good faith" and has now "responded appropriately" to "concerns" about its sponsorship of BHIT.

Nationwide has been running a pedestrian safety awareness scheme for primary school children for six years – kids get free reflectors and safety advice – and the original support offered to BHIT was for "casualty reduction initiatives" for secondary school children.

However, the Nationwide logo has been displayed prominently on BHIT marketing materials, many of which are used to promote a helmet compulsion bill to get its second reading on Friday this week.

Lichfield said:

"We have agreed to a significantly lower donation to BHIT for this year, have specified that this funding should only be deployed for direct educational purposes, and have specified that this will be the final year of support."

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