Nutrition brand now available to bicycle and triathlon shops

Multipower announces UK bike market presence

Sports nutrition firm Multipower has become available to UK bicycle and triathlon shops.

Multipower has had a strong presence in Europe for some time now and its products are developed in close collaboration with athletes and the German Olympic Training Centre in Cologne.

The bars, gels and powders contain ingredients including Palatinose, the only low glycemic carbohydrate with prolonged energy supply, and Peptopro, which significantly accelerates recovery after a strenuous training session.

Nutrition goods have been developed for each stage of an athlete’s journey, with the heart of the range revolving around the new Multicarbo Energy Gel (RRP £1.10 for 40g), which comes in two versions, one for pre and another for during exercise. The pre-exercise gel (Lemon and Orange flavour) boasts a combination of maltodextrin, palatinose and fructose, which provides an effective supply of sustained energy before exercise or competition.

The gel comes in four exciting flavours, Apple, Cherry-Banana, Cola with Guarana and Strawberry-Lime. The sodium content for both gels assists effective storage of carbohydrates and supports liquid intake.

Marketing manager of Multipower UK, Steve Kessell said: ‘I am really excited about our new range of Endurance products. For a long time, Multipower has been leading the way with its Muscle products, but this launch provides Multipower with a greater breadth of high quality, great tasting products. Increasing numbers are participating in endurance sports, with the category experiencing exponential growth at over 35 per cent, so this is an excellent time to launch a new range targeted at this market. The products are suitable for the needs of all endurance athletes, whether it be a ‘once in a lifetime’ marathon runner, or a seasoned triathlete.’

Multipower’s product, available from Harris Active, or directly from, is compliant with IFS, ISO and HACCP standards.

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