Muc-Off launches new e-bike drivetrain tool

Muc-Off has launched its new e-bike drivetrain tool.

“This revolutionary bit of kit locks firmly into an e-bike sprocket bolt, allowing the drivetrain to spin backwards freely, making e-bike maintenance a breeze,” said a statement. “Not only is it quicker, but it’s safer on parts too.

“Riders have taken to flipping their bikes upside down or wheeling the bike forwards to apply lube to their chains; thanks to the Muc-Off e-bike Drivetrain Tool, scratched up displays, bars, saddles and frames can be a thing of the past.”

The Drivetrain Tool is made from a durable CNC machined 6061 aluminium body and finished in the Muc-Off anodised pink. It’s compatible with most e-bike chainrings (excluding spiderless), thanks to the supplied 5mm, 6mm Hex and T30 Torx bits which snap into place with a magnetised connection.

Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off, said: “We get excited about developing simple products that provide solutions to big problems, and we love taking riders’ maintenance game to the next level – this new e-bike Drivetrain Tool hits the mark on both fronts!

“After months of real-world testing, we’re stoked with the results; it makes looking after e-bikes easier than ever, so we’re confident it’ll become a ‘must-have’ tool for e-bikers everywhere.”

An e-bike drivetrain is subjected to higher torque loads than that of a traditional bike, due to the force generated by the motor, so chain lubrication becomes an important part of the maintenance regime. An e-bike drivetrain that is not lubed, or is lubed with a non e-bike specific lubricant, can lead to snapped or stretched chains, as well as increased wear to expensive components such as cranks, cassettes, and derailleurs.

One of Muc-Off’s e-bike specific lubes, alongside the new drivetrain tool, can help prevent these issues.

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Muc-Off is celebrating the launch with the release of its e-bike Arcade video, which sees Chopper Fielder search for a post-ride clean down. Attracted by flashing lights and cheers of celebrations, he attempts to win the ultimate e-bike cleaning and maintenance jackpot.

The Muc-Off e-bike Drivetrain Tool is priced at £19.99 and is available now from selected retailers and

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