‘Banish grime, not the planet,’ says brand’s slogan

Muc-Off launches eco-drive with Treems

Muc-Off has boosted its eco-friendly credentials through a new partnership with conservation group Treems.

The team up means that a percentage of sales from every Bike Cleaner, Wet Lube and Dry Lube sold will be donated to help protect tropical rain forest trees against deforestation, for a minimum of 20 years.

Muc-Off said the new pairing, which aims to protect over 1,000 trees in the next three years, is just part of a green focus for the company. MD Alex Trimnell said: “We want to reach out to as many people as possible and help to educate the world on the importance of saving our valuable and delicate ecosystem. We’re confident that working with Treems we can achieve this goal.”

Muc-Off’s Zhara Woods added: “We wanted to take our eco fight to the next level and have a physical benefit that you can see and touch, and what better thing to protect than real living trees.”

A tally of each tree protected will be found on Muc-Off’s website real-time tree tracker. The brand will even publish images of the trees and release information about each trees’ location and the impact on air, water and biodiversity. A spokesperson for Treems said: “Let’s save our world with a simple yet efficient method: protecting existing trees and their surrounding ecosystem one by one. Together we are powerful enough to halt deforestation and save what we have to pass on to our children.”

Treems guarantees the protection of the trees by installing protection on three levels: legal, physical and social.


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