Vertebrate Publishing will donate £1 from the sale of each copy of Dark and White Peak mountain biking guidebooks to the Ride Sheffield ‘RADmires’ crowdfunding campaign

MTB guidebook proceeds help fund Ride Sheffield RADmires campaign

Throughout June, Vertebrate Publishing will be donating £1 from the sale of each copy of the Dark and White Peak mountain biking guidebooks to the Ride Sheffield ‘RADmires’ crowdfunding campaign.

Following the success of the Lady Cannings trail, the UK’s first crowdfunded mountain bike trail, Ride Sheffield announced the RADmires project at its AGM in November last year.

RADmires will be built on the western edge of Sheffield, between Redmires reservoirs and Stanage Edge. It will be a 1.8-kilometre-long blue-grade trail, which will allow for some more difficult opt-in sections at red and black grade.

Ride Sheffield needs to raise £45,000 to make the trail happen. It has already received generous donations from several local businesses, including Cotic bikes, which donated £2,000 earlier this year. The project has the support of Sheffield City Council, which was also instrumental in the construction of the mountain bike trails at Parkwood Springs and Lady Cannings.

If crowdfunding goes to plan, RADmires will open in summer 2017. John Coefield, Vertebrate’s Publishing Manager, said: "Living only a short distance away from Lady Cannings I’m one of the many who has been able to take advantage of the ace trail up there. We’re as keen as everyone else to see the RADmires project happen, and hopefully Vertebrate’s donation will give the fundraising a bit of a boost."

President of Ride Sheffield, Henry Norman, commented: "We are really looking forward to opening up another fantastic flowing trail to complement the other great built and natural trails we already have in the Outdoor City. The support from riders – and from organisations like Vertebrate – has been fantastic so far, but we still have a little way to go before we can add nearly two kilometres of sweet singletrack to the city, so all donations are welcome!"

Visit the Ride Sheffield website for more information:

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