Lightest ever Moulton bike to feature in the upcoming Bicycle Documentary

Moulton track bike gets Olympic velodrome try out

The Lee Valley Velodrome – aka Stratford’s Olympic Velodrome – saw the newly revealed Moulton track bike put through its paces.

The special lightweight – 15lb/6.8kg – prototype machine, is built by hand in Bradford on Avon and finished in white – evocative of the 1960s racing machines and the AM SPEED used in the Race Across America
in the 1980s. It’s also the lightest Moulton bicycle ever built.

16 year old Zeb Kyffin rode the concept Moulton track bike on the day at the Bespoked handmade bike show, while Bafta award winning film director Michael Clifford and his film crew recorded the moment for inclusion in the forthcoming "Bicycle Documentary". The same film crew had been at the Moulton factory in spring for inclusion in the documentary, which is premiering in July.

The Velodrome ride happened to take place on the 51 year anniversary that Dr Alex Moulton saw four Moulton riders lap their big-wheeled adversaries in front of a packed velodrome in Coventry, in the 4,000 metre four man pursuit.

Back in 1963, The Daily Mail said: “Spectators laughed when a team of cyclists rode to the starting line of a 4000-metre challenge race yesterday on minibikes with only 17” wheels. But the four Fairy Cycle kids of Coventry went off from the gun like a shot and thrashed their opponents, a team from Leicester, riding conventional 27” wheeled machines, by 220 yards.”

There’s more on British manufactured bicycles in our recent feature here.

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