Motitech to offer care homes free three-month trial

Motitech will be offering care homes across the UK, Nordics, Canada and Australia a free three-month trial of its technology.

The company helps older people engage in physical activity by using a combination of visual technology and specially-adapted exercise bikes. Via its video-based product Motiview, older people are given the opportunity to revisit familiar places through a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals.

“We have noticed that the care industry is very supportive of the Motiview concept which is currently being used in 433 facilities across the world,” said Stian Lavik, chief business officer and director at Motitech UK.

“These are exceptionally uncertain times for all of us at the moment, and during a period where many older people and people with dementia aren’t able to go outside, it is vital that we can help not just residents, but also key care staff maintain a state of normality.

“The free three-month trial will allow many more care homes, care facilities, and individuals gain that feeling of independence and, crucially, give thousands of people the chance to remain active and mentally stimulated whilst self-isolating.

“We are aware of how valuable the technology is for our existing users who are currently required to remain indoors, and we want to give as many older people as possible the ability to travel the world from the safety of their own home.”

Libby Miles, client services manager at Wiltshire Heights care home added: “We have been using Motiview for six months now and since the introduction of the system, and its launch through ‘Road Worlds for Seniors’, we have seen an amazing uptake in the use of the equipment.

“As soon as word got out, and residents saw how easy the equipment is to use, more and more residents took up the challenge. Fast forward six months to the frightening world we find ourselves in. As a care home, we are supporting our residents to keep active, physically healthy, and mentally healthy.

“We are a home that goes out into its community regularly and having this restricted has hit the residents hard; however, the beauty of Motiview is that it enables us to transport our residents safely to their favourite places. We have seen an increase of residents, yet again, using the system to fulfil that need and we are so grateful that we have this technology in place.”

All potential new customers will be able to trial Motiview for up to three months in existing markets, which include the Nordics, Australia, Canada and the UK, to help battle isolation, apathy, and physical inactivity. Via instructions, video-link or phone, Motitech’s tech team will provide step-by-step instructions on setting up and using the system.

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