Expandable high-visibility clothing label has had success in Ireland and now seeks expansion

MotionFox seeking UK retail partners

MotionFox, a high-visibility clothing startup hailing from Ireland, is hoping to grow its business by linking with dealers accross the UK.

Run by Rob Quigley, the label produces expandable hi-vis products for both adults and children, with appealing designs for kids.

Quigley told BikeBiz: "Our vests can be worn fitted, or expanded to cover a bag or backpack. This increases the wearers visibility as the hi-viz vest goes over the bag. Our kids vest come in two fun characters; a hi-viz Ladybug and a hi-viz Turtle. These are to emphasise the fun of cycling for kids, as well as being safe at the same time.

"We are based in Dublin, Ireland and are looking for stockists in the UK to add to our existing network of stockists in Ireland."

The vests expand easily via a set of simple fasteners on either side of the garment. They also contain elastic around the waist, so the vest grips around the bag preventing any material flapping in the wind. When worn without a bag, the rear material can be tucked in at the back and held in place by the elastic.

To view the brand’s catalogue, click here.

Motion Fox: +353876347044 (IRL), or +447599324598 (UK)

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