Motion Forward launches to support UK bike fleets

Bike for Good and Vélogik have teamed up to launch Motion Forward, a partnership aimed at promoting expert maintenance and servicing ‘for a successful and well-used bicycle fleet’.

The joint venture specialises in BTOB bike maintenance and aims to encourage more people throughout the UK to adopt cycling, both as a mode of transport and for a healthier lifestyle.

“Motion Forward aims to replicate successful cycling models across European cities here in the UK,” read a statement. “Maintenance is key for an operational fleet. “Motion Forward’s mission is to maintain and repair for sustainability, rider comfort and safety. It is committed to providing professional fleets with a quality service, for positive environmental and social impact.”

The joint venture is said to have 13 expert technicians and 1,000 bikes under maintenance for Nextbike UK in Glasgow. It maintains more than 100 bike hangars for Cyclehoop in Edinburgh, with 60 currently being installed in Glasgow. It provides agile on-site maintenance via Dr Bikes in Glasgow, which will soon begin in Edinburgh too.

Bike for Good CEO Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet said: “It is exciting to see two companies with the same values, from different countries, coming together to bring vision to reality. Motion Forward aims to see everyone benefiting from increased cycling. We are excited at the prospect of working with other UK partners as we grow.”

Motion Forward operates on all types of bikes, bikes stations and hangars, and pledges to ‘ensure sustainability of equipment and reuse components’. It added: “The team will continue to provide support through expert recommendations, particularly for technological innovations that will enhance fleet longevity. All tools used will guarantee both rider comfort & safety, and connected monitoring and traceability.”

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