Road and fitness bikes to be introduced as part of distributor’s IBD bicycle division

Moore Large to launch Forme cycles

Moore Large is set to introduce Forme road and fitness cycles at its open days in March.

The house brand’s range will feature competitively priced road bikes, retailing between £450 and £1,000. The distributor said that Forme bikes will offer balanced integration of desirable aesthetics, practical componentry and affordable value.

The expanded range is to launch in summer 2010, and will include a full range of urban trails, hybrid and flat bar road bikes.

Forme brand manager Adam Biggs said: "We are looking to raise the profile of our IBD bicycle division at Moore Large with the introduction of Basso, and now Forme, alongside our growing range of successful P and A premium products.

“Forme targets the fitness and commuting sector of the market. Forme is a house brand, allowing us to offer very attractive pricing for all parties involved. Within such a saturated market we aim to promote the brand successfully by offering optimal dealer support; solid stock levels; superior aesthetics and the fact that they are developed by British company."

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