Distributor signs up-and-coming Oyama brand

Moore Large steps into the folding bike sector

Moore Large has made a significant move into the folding bicycle market by snapping up folding brand Oyama.

The Oyama 2010 range consists of 11 models across four ranges promising to provide safe, fast, light and compact folding solutions. The ranges include Urban 66, Classics, Pure and Sports. UK prices will range from £299.95 to £899.95.

We’ve got pics of the Crosstown here and here, and the Manhattan here and here. We’ve also got images of the Metropolitan here and here and finally the St James’s here and here.

Moore Large explained that a lack of representation in the growing folding bike sector in its current brand portfolio – which now includes Barracuda, Bumper, Premium Products, Basso, Haro and I-Zip – was behind the Oyama signing.

Haro Bikes and Premium Products brand manager Adam Garner will be taking full responsibility of the Oyama range.

He said: “Due to the increasing mobility and infrastructure problems in the United Kingdom, folding bikes are becoming much more popular. Growth in this sector in particular is reinforced by the group of commuters who will be forced to consider using folding bikes in combination with public transport to overcome the last few miles to work.

“Rising fuel costs, growing traffic problems and the inevitable congestion charging policies are beginning to shape commuting patterns in the UK’s major cities. Commuting solutions now include driving to the edge of the city for parking and then quickly and easily stepping onto the folding bike for the last few miles,” Garner added.

To find out more about the brand contact Adam Garner at adam.garner@moorelarge.co.uk or on 07971 991 630.

Oyama is also currently being distributed across Europe in Belgium, Germany, Spain and Greece.

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