Distributor to exclusively bring brand to UK and Ireland; VIDEO: Pads put to the bowling ball test

Moore Large signs G-Form protection

Moore Large is to exclusively bring G-Form body protection to UK and Ireland’s cycling industries.

Launched at last week’s Cycle Show, the brand’s innovative RPT products absorb over 90 per cent of the energy from high-speed impacts, converting energy into armour upon impact. The brand also features unique hinging and moulding allowing cyclists freedom and flexibility in the saddle. The RPT pads can easily be worn over or under clothing and have self-wicking properties.

The range includes G-Form knee and elbow pads which move with the joint for a dynamic fit. At impact they stiffen to absorb the energy, then revert to being flexible immediately after impact. The G-Form shin offers near complete shin protection in a one-piece sleeve around the leg. As with all G-From armour there are no uncomfortable straps or buckles, only a stretchy compression sleeve with the RPT exoskeleton moulded to the outside. 

“When we originally saw these, what caught my eye was their unique construction and look and the fact the material remains flexible and comfortable, until it is hit,” explained Moore Large accessories director Dale Smith.

“Once impacted the material reacts almost instantly, able to absorb up to 90 per cent of the impact.”

G-Form director Sean Veck added: “Our exclusive agreement with one of the largest and most respected cycling distributors in the UK, Moore Large, will see the range available in many cycle shops throughout the UK and Ireland.”

The energy absorbing qualities of the pads are shown off in the video below.



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